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General Office Policies

Patient Care Coverage: We strive for the best patient care possible at all times. Our doctors have been practicing together for over 10 years and they are familiar with each other's patient practices. They have full faith in each other to care for their patients if they are unavailable.

Please be aware that from time to time, our doctors may be unavailable at the same time and it may be necessary to have another Midland urologist cover our patients. In the event that you need emergent care and our doctors are unavailable, you will be able to get care through the emergency room at Midland Memorial Hospital and Dr. Staub, Dr. Dragun, Dr. Hughes, or Dr. Stike will resume your care as soon as they return. The other urologist will only cover for emergencies.

Prescription Refills: Please allow at least 48 to 72 hours for us to process all prescription refill requests. Due to surgery schedules and emergencies, we can't always turn around your request the same day it is made.

Office Hours: While our normal office hours are 8:30 to 5:00, there are days that we leave early or close for lunch depending on our patient schedule for the day. For your convenience, you may call our office to check staff availability.

Missed Appointments: A scheduled appointment means that your time is reserved only for you. We request that if you cannot make your appointment that you give us 24 hours advanced notice. As a courtesy, we will remind you of your appointment the business day before.

Financial Policy

Filing Your Insurance Claim: We will file your claims for all office visits and surgical procedures if you have Medicare, Medicaid, Champus, pre-approved government assistance, or if we participate in your PPO network (call the number on your insurance card to verify).

If we are not listed as a participating provider and are considered “out of network”, payment is due in full at the time service is rendered. As a courtesy to you, we will still be happy to file your claim with your insurance company if you so desire. Credit balances will be promptly refunded.

Co-pays/Coinsurances/Deductibles: Payment for all visits will be due at check in. We will make every effort to verify your insurance and notify you of an estimate that will be due at the time of your visit. If we cannot verify your insurance, you will be considered self pay and your visit will be due in full. Exceptions will be made for emergent patients only.

Deposits: A deposit, or advance payment, may be required if you are scheduled for a surgical procedure. Payment terms will be discussed with you prior to your scheduled procedure date.

Patient Balances: Any balance due after your insurance claim is either paid or denied is your responsibility. Patient Statements are generated monthly and balances are due upon receipt of your statement. If you are unable to pay the balance due, you must contact the office to make payment arrangements and sign a payment agreement. Patient balances that are not kept current according to payment agreements are considered delinquent and will be referred to an outside agency for collection.

Weather Policy

Emergencies such as severe weather, earthquakes, fires, and power failures can disrupt the practice operations. In extreme cases, these circumstances may require closing the office. West Texas Urology will follow the lead of the local City Office in these situations, unless otherwise specified by the office manager or the local authorities.

  • Weather & Emergency Closure Policy, if the local city office closes due to inclement weather or an emergency, our office will also close. If local city and county offices announce a delay, we will also have a delay. (A delay refers to, the hour in which you would originally be scheduled to work minus the hour(s) of delay. Ex. Scheduled at 8am delay is 2-hours, your report time to work is at 10am).

If you have questions in regards to this policy, please contact our office at 432-687-0311.